INMATRADE AG strives to offer the most competitive prices carefully assessed in relation to the current market conjuncture. Our flexible pricing mechanisms enable the client to select either a constant figure or formula and accept it for a spot deal or a period from 2 months to 3 years.

Copper sulphate pentahydrate is sold according to pricing formula based on LME data as follows:

Price = LME Cu * 25% + Premium, where:

  • LME Cu — Official Cash Settlement Average Price of Copper at London Metal Exchange for the month preceding to the month of production, i.e. 'reference month'
  • 25% — Mass Content of Cu in CuSO4 * 5H20
  • Premium — variable that depends on grade of product, delivery basis, payment terms and type of sale (spot / long-term)

Send us inquiry / RFQ with volume and delivery basis and we will send you our quotation within 24 hours.

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Reference month
LME Cu average for calculating the next month's price
$ 9482
CuSO4 volume produced within previous month
Production month
LME Cu average to date for forecasting the next month's price
$ 10102
(May 22, 2024)
CuSO4 volume produced within current month
Delivery month
CuSO4 volume to be produced within next month
Planning month