7 reasons why dozens of international clients worldwide have confidence in the quality of our commodities:

·    All our sources heavily invest into modernizing extraction and processing equipment to improve quality and build consumer trust

·    All production facilities control long-life sources allowing stable and sustainable extraction over a long term

·    All Certificates of Analysis are issued by expert analysts in certified quality-control laboratories employing the latest analytical instrumentation

·    All physical and chemical features, from the production line to the end-user’s warehouse, are guaranteed to remain unaltered  throughout the delivery cycle

·    All chemicals exported to the EU market are REACH-registered

·    All animal feed mineral additives introduced into the EU nutrition chain are FAMI-QS-certified and compliant with relevant EU feed laws and regulations 


·    All IMO hazardous materials are packaged in UN-approved containers; the full set of mandatory permits and licenses granted by  relevant national authorities in the countries of origin and destination as well as responsible international agencies.