Chrome Oxide technical (pigment)

Окись хрома техническая (пигментная)

Chrome Oxide technical (pigment)

Total Chrome mass fraction in conversion to Cr2O3 , min 99%
Total mass fraction of substances soluble in water, max 0,1%
Moisture, max 0,15%
Residue on sieve N 0063, max 0,1%
Relative Tinting power, max 105%
Covering power, max 12 gr/m2

Appearance: Fine-dispersed powder of green colour, insoluble in water, spirit, acetone. Hardly soluble in alkalis and acids. Having hardness of corundum, scratches quartz. As a dye has high covering effect.


  • paper bags of 25 kg net each; stacked on wooden pallets, shrink wrapped;
  • tetraslinging banded soft containers of Big-Bag type with bottom flap of 1000 kg net each, bottom tier on pallets.

Origin: Russia


  • Paint & varnish industry for manufacturing enamels and paints;
  • Buidling industry as a filling pigment for building materials;
  • Metallurgical industry for producing Cr metal and abrasive materials.