HS code / Customs: 
Ni, % min 21,000 NiSO4 • 7H2O,% min 97,000
Ni, % typical 22,000 H2O-insoluble, % max 0,020
Chlorides, % max 0,040 H2SO4, % typical max 0,001
K+Na+Ca+Mg, % max 0,200 Fe, % max 0,003
Co, % max 0,100 Fe, % max 0,010
Co, % max 0,002 Pb, % max 0,001
As, % typical max 0,0005 Moisture, % typical 0,045
Cd, % typical 0,0009 Packing 25 kg UN approved bags on pallets


Nickel Sulphate Heptahydrate NiSO4•7H2O ex UEM:


  • Galvanizing Industry: Ni-electroplating
  • Ni(OH)2 for production of Ni-Me-H rechargeable batteries

Nickel-Metal-Hydroxide (Ni-Me-H) batteries are widely used in a variety of applications ranging from rechargeable consumer cells and all the way to electricity accumulators in hybrid-drive cars. The main component of Ni-Me-H batteries, Nickel Hydroxide, is synthesized from Nickel Sulphate Heptahydrate ex URALELECTROMED:

Ni SO4 Ni (OH)2

Ni-Me-H battery technology was invented and copyrighted by OVONIC Battery Company (Detroit, MI). OVONIC ( is licensing this technology and collecting royalty from all the legal producers of Ni-Me-H batteries worldwide, most of them located in Asia-Pacific region. OVONIC is the producer of etalon nickel hydroxide.

Since 2006 INMATRADE AG submitted a few sizeable lots to OVONIC for industrial testing and several batteries were built based on nickel hydroxide formulated from our nickel sulphate. These batteries were tested side-by-side with a model battery to prove that the source material from URALELECTROMED is in compliance with the standards of OVONIC’s Ni-Me-H know-how.